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  • Project Planning & Management


  • Business Process Improvement

  • Program Monitoring & Evaluation 

  • Logic Model Development

  • Online Survey Design, Creation, & Analysis

  • Training Material Development & Delivery

  • Process Documentation

  • Critical Research

According to the Project Management Institute, 80% of projects fail to produce the desired results. Why?


  • Misaligned expectations

  • Insufficient resources

  • Unrealistic timeframes

  • Staff inexperience


Sound familiar? Muirfield Consulting can provide the expertise your organization needs to avoid these situations and keep you moving forward.





Why Hire Muirfield Consulting?

Leslie Horwitz BSN, RN, CHPCA

Vice President of Access, JourneyCare

I had the pleasure of working with Michelle as a consultant over the past two years. We went through a three-company merger, and she became the point person for our area working on process changes and collaboration amongst different areas in the agency. Michelle is fantastic to work with. Her professionalism, quality of work, attention to detail, project planning skills along with her calming demeanor made the project a huge success. She was also able to collaborate in transitioning these responsibilities to someone whom we eventually hired. I would highly recommend Michelle for any size job small or large as you will not be disappointed on the measurable outcomes achieved while working with her!

Sheila Lullo

Vice President of Program Services, Clearbrook

I have had the opportunity to work with Michelle Beckemeier on several projects during the last 2-3  years.  Michelle is an outstanding project manager.  She is organized and keeps the projects on track, while understanding the barriers that can arise. She was able to accommodate these barriers by adjusting the plan in ways that still accomplished the goals of the project.  Michelle is a quick learner and was able to gain a necessary understanding of our organization and the projects assigned, and was respectful of the team members and their knowledge.  She has been a trememdous asset in keeping these projects on track and bringing them to successful conclusions. 

Kathleen Recchia

Director of Innovative Services, JourneyCare

Michelle Beckemeier is an excellent project manager.  Michelle is able to gain subject matter quickly and effectively.  She incorporates the appropriate tools to keep the project moving forward.  Michelle is excellent at motivating people and is able to keep teams working together effectively.  She communicates clearly, concisely and frequently.  Michelle is able to work with all team members, including senior leadership, with ease.  Her time management and organizational skills keep projects running smoothly.  Michelle is passionate about reaching project goals and focuses on the success and sustainability of her work.


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